The Global Health Network works across all aspects of health research to address the following aims:

  • To embed health research in places, diseases and regions where evidence is lacking by bringing support, training and guiding faster, easier and better research processes

  • To drive equity in who takes part and who benefits from health research by enabling the open movement of health research information, data and know-how between diseases areas, regions, organisations and communities

  • To build lasting capable research teams in low-resource settings who are able to lead research studies and compete internationally for recognition, reward, engagement and visibility

These aims are achieved through a combination of this online platform for knowledge sharing and by connection and building strategic partnerships, online and in person. Much of this is facilitated through a vast digital platform (The Global Health Network - Here there are two highly connected elements, firstly, the knowledge hubs which operate as an open online science park. Different consortia, organisations, networks and programmes have their own hubs. These hubs provide highly functional working spaces, where members of each community of practice can access their specific project documents, each other and work efficiently across networks.

The hubs also work to raise engagement, visibility and access to each organisation, network or project’s outputs and activities, because through The Global Health Network they are made discoverable to the research community. Further, as these hubs are all connected within this wider community of practice and because the topics of these hubs cut across disease and research areas, researchers can learn from each other and share best practice and know-how, thereby speeding up progress, removing duplication and bringing efficacy.

The other element of The Global Health Network is teaching, training and career development for research teams, healthcare workers and laboratory staff. Here there are online training courses, teaching resources and vast numbers of toolkits and learning materials. All aiming to support safe, ethical and robust research in places, regions and settings where evidence is lacking by delivering skills, methods and building competencies and careers.

Governance, Management and Operational Delivery

The Global Health Network is governed, managed and delivered via an Operational Leadership and Delivery team, Scientific Advisory board and Strategic Partners Forum - organised in the following structure:

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Operational Delivery

The day-to-day management The Global Health Network is run by a dedicated, global Operational Leadership and Delivery Team comprised of: 

  • Three Coordination Centres located in AfricaLatin America and Asia
  • An Operational Management Team supporting across these regional efforts


Oversight, guidance and independent review of The Global Health Network is achieved through two bodies, the Scientific Advisory Board and Strategic Partners Forum. Both groups ensure we are working to the core aims and within these activities to create impact by fostering more and better health research in low-resource settings.


Find out more about the network's aims through the film 'Better Research for Better Health':