The Global Health Network is delivering health research skills and knowledge across the globe, supporting research to happen in places and communities where evidence is needed to change outcomes in the most devasting diseases. Access to it all is free, and always will be.

This knowledge is delivered through many different ways to teams over time, such as through online courses, access to tools and resources or attending one of the thousands of research skills sharing and support events that happen across the globe, like the research clubs in hospitals, supported classroom sessions, or workshops in primary care settings.

Over the past 15 years this has enabled many thousands of frontline health workers and research teams to undertake quality research that otherwise would have been out of reach. This community has responded to outbreaks such as Ebola, Zika, COVID and Mpox, whilst also working every day to tackle the ongoing continuous and everyday toll from diseases of poverty.

Please can you help us to keep this facility being this vital, trusted and unique source of support and access to information for these researchers? Can you make a donation? Or, do you work for an organisation who benefits from this and can afford to help support this provision?

Just a small contribution from everyone who can afford to pay would keep this available for those who cannot.

Many organisations recommend The Global Health Network to their teams or collaborators. If this is your experience, please can you pass this link to the head of training, research or capacity building? Perhaps explain the value of The Global Health Network to your work and suggest that it would be appropriate, and a good thing, for your organisation to contribute? Not just because of the benefits that being able to access The Global Health Network delivers to your research but also that their contribution would help keep this available for those organisations and teams who cannot afford to access such training and resources by any other means.

Thank you, we really appreciate your part in this community effort to drive equity in health research.

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