The Global Health Network is led by three Cordination Centres located in Africa, Latin America and Asia. Operational delivery is undertaken by the Operational Support team located in the UK, and across the globe within members located within the coordination centres and also within wider partners and collaborators within the regional networks. 

Global Coordination Centres

Three Global Coordination Centres work with local partners and networks regionally and at a country level and include:

  • The Global Health Network Africa Coordination Centre
  • The Global Health Network Latin America and Caribbean Coordination Centre
  • The Global Health Network Asia Coordination Centre

The Global Health Network Operational Support Team

The operations team is led by Professor Trudie Lang, Director of The Global Health Network, and is based at the University of Oxford.

  • Professor Trudie Lang – Director - (Read Professor Trudie Lang's research profile here)
  • Liam Boggs – Senior Operations Manager
  • Jeremy Whitty – Director of Development
  • Sada Aliyeva – Administrative Assistant


  • Samuel Driver – Resources Manager
  • Welilie Sikihondze – Clinical Trial Specialist 

Research and Methodology:

  • Arancha De La Horra Gozalo - Research Coordinator
  • Nicole Feune De Colombi - Research Assistant

Community and Project Management:

  • Helena Wilcox – Project Manager 

Regional Centres:

  • Bonny Baker – Regional Coordinator
  • Steffani Herring-Hall – Digital Content Development Officer
  • Ken Awuondo – African Regional Manager
  • Luiza Lourenco – REDe Coordinator (LAM)
  • Flavia Bueno – FioCruz Coordinator (LAM)  


  • Sinead Whitty – Diploma Director / Training Manager
  • Lauren Whelan – Training Officer
  • Kehkashan Shah – Training Assistant 

Digital Platform and Communications:

  • Alex Segrt – Head of Digital Platform & Communications
  • Zainab Al-Rawni – Digitial Communications Coordinator
  • Juxhin Alia – Digital Content Officer