In May 2022, the Seventy-fifth World Health Assembly adopted a resolution (WHA75.8) on Strengthening clinical trials to provide high-quality evidence on health interventions and to improve research quality and coordination

In this webinar Dr Vasee Moorthy, Senior Advisor R&D, World Health Organization describes the process to resolution adoption, and plans for further consultation with global stakeholders to support the development of WHO guidance documentation for its implementation.

WHO guidance for best practices for clinical trials

The WHO is developing best practices guidance for clinical trials in response to a request to the WHO Director-General in resolution WHA75.8 to support the strengthening of trial capabilities, infrastructures, and ecosystems. This document intends to provide guidance on planning, conduct, analysis, oversight, interpretation, and funding of trials using randomisation to assess the effects of any health intervention for any purpose, in any setting.

Survey: Perspectives on Key Barriers and Areas of Focus Needed to Improve the Clinical Trials Ecosystem

In September 2023 TGHN supported the WHO in disseminating a survey giving those with experience and expertise related to clinical trials an opportunity to share their perspectives on the key barriers and areas of focus needed to improve the clinical trials ecosystem. This feedback will help improve and shape the guidance ensuring its effectiveness in any setting worldwide.