We have just celebrated the World Health Day last Saturday, the 7th of April 2018. Following the WHO moto "Health for All", and "Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere", the Global Health Network contacted various members of the network from around the globe, and invited them to share their views and knowledge about what it takes to do health research in low-and middle-income countries, and how health can become an universal health service.

From raising awareness about the importance and implications of using high bioethics standards in clinical research in Honduras, to fighting pneumonia in India, these researchers share their experience and stories about what it takes to improve health services, and make it available for everyone.

We will release a video per day during this week about different topics associated to health research globally.

Day 1: Investigación ética y de calidad by Dra Jackeline Alger (In Spanish - English subtitles coming soon).


About the speaker: 

Dra Jackeline Alger Dra Jackeline Alger, MD, PhD, es una médica especialista en parasitología que labora en el Servicio de Parasitología, Departamento de Laboratorio Clínico, Hospital Escuela Universitario, y es Profesora Titular III de la Unidad de Investigación Científica, Facultad de Ciencias Médicas, Universidad  Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), Tegucigalpa, Honduras. La Dra. Alger combina laboratorio clínico, enseñanza y actividades de investigación, con mentoría a estudiantes de grado y postgrado así como a docentes  a través del desarrollo de investigaciones para la salud, construyendo puentes intersectoriales y promoviendo la colaboración internacional y trabajo en red para avanzar la investigación científica en Honduras.



Day 2: Investigación y bioética: dos caminos complementarios by Dra Astarte Alegria and Dra Eleonora Espinoza (In Spanish - English subtitles coming soon).


About the speakers: 

Dra Astarté Alegría Docente de la Maestría en Salud Pública FCM UNAH. Es Psicóloga con Maestría en Salud Publica y con Doctorado en Ciencias Sociales.

Dra Eleonora Espinoza Docente de la Unidad de Investigación Científica de la FCM UNAH, Doctora en Medicina con Maestría en Salud Publica. Ambas tiene  una larga carrera en la formación de Ética en Investigación como miembros del CEIB. 



Day 3: Fight Against Community Acquired Pneumonia in India by Dra Shally Awasthi (English).

About the speaker: 





 Dr Shally Awasthi is Professor of Paediatrics.  She has been conducting epidemiological research in community and hospital with the aim to improve child survival.






 Day 4: From Search to Re-Search -Way Ahead!! by Joby George (English).

About the speaker: 

Mr.Joby George is a young, enthusiastic Registered Nurse and Midwife from India, He holds Certificate in Nursing Administration and Post graduate diploma in Data Management, He is currently working as a Nurse Researcher in Medanta The Medicity Hospital, Delhi/NCR and as a Regional Faculty Lead (India) of Global Health Trials and Global Research Nurses Network. Joby is having hands on experience in handling BA/BE studies and all other phases of Clinical studies.