The Global Health Network facilitates easier, faster and better research in the world’s most challenging settings. A strong governance system and effective operational management structure ensures that knowledge mobilisation between regions, roles and organisations is optimised and that research capacity development needs are met by local gaps being identified, and appropriate solutions developed and implemented.

The Global Health Network’s activities are governed by an international Steering Committee comprising of global health experts and leaders from three Regional Hubs:

  • Africa Regional Hub

  • Asia Regional Hub

  • Latin American Regional Hub

The Steering Committee provides strategic oversight of The Global Health Network’s innovative digital platform (which hosts the component research communities), the capacity development programme and research methodology and process improvement activities, which cut across the whole platform. Each regional hub is putting a regional advisory board in place.

TGHN Governance

The digital platform is based on unique technology and provides the optimum environment and infrastructure for effective sharing of research knowledge, tools, standards and training. Many research groups and consortia have knowledge hubs and working spaces hosted on the platform. Each of these groups develop a community of practice and is independently governed and coordinated by a working group. Hosting all these diverse groups within this open and shared platform facilitates cross-disciplinary sharing and therefore highly effective knowledge mobilization.    

The platform is supported by a small Operations Team led by Professor Trudie Lang, Director of The Global Health Network. The Operations Team is based at the University of Oxford in the UK.